Seeking Collaboration

We here at the Nootka Sounds studios are interested in collaborating with musicians from all walks of life. We set a high standard in the quality of recorded audio, and as such we are interested in working closely with other artists in exploring the fundamentals of that which make recorded music worth listening to.

We also throw events in the Nootka Sound area with a certain amount of regularity. With respect to the underground nature of such events, we have ceased promoting all such happenings through this site. That said, we are equipped and adept at throwing musical events ranging from secular to sacred events, with respect to all human frameworks.

And the paradox of not tolerating intolerance — some impressions are hard at first glance and judgments are quick to formulate, but we prefer a more patient approach. When the time is right, not before and not after. And if it’s wrong during the time, we say fuck it and do something different, with respect. Our apologies to all those hurt by our world views. We suggest looking within, meditation and reflection. Voices from the id; confront the ego.

We have a studio located in Tahsis and can do on-site recordings, as well as treat home-made recordings and help craft them into something spectacular that’s worth the time of the global community. Our preference is to take the most possible grass-roots efforts, even such efforts as those done in a bedroom into a tape recorder, and crafting from that a wall of sound that emphasizes all the nuances, feelings, and emotions of the recording. We value mistakes. Live music is a wonderful thing, though we also consider electronic music crafted with a certain care that doesn’t fully rely on conventional contemporary approaches, which seem in the growing retrospect that such approaches are more of a reaction to the conveniences of working in DAWs. We strive to recognize the limitations as such; we almost invariable work off the grid. The artist need be the one running the machine & not merely react to the sounds the machine produces. We’re human; we like music made by humans with human intents. Whale songs are pretty cool, too.

With love,


wolfloup  (at)  nootkasounds(d0t)com