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Wolf~Loup listens and preys on sound waves that feel.

His heart warms to all styles of music & smiles when exploring the most physical forms with friends who feel too.

Wolf~Loup manages Nootka Sounds, guides the events, and produces much of the music. He has 20+ years experience, and continues to expand his understanding and efforts. He has worked with many individuals around certain friendly underground organizations in Montreal, has studied under professionals in Glasgow, and now practices growing music in rural western Canada… between tree planting contracts.

In the last year, he has released four albums. A remix compilation of a Mozart performance in Paris, a compilation of some of the more interesting live jams in the Nootka Sounds studio, a concept album of pure sine wave synthesis, and a live composition in response to contemporary resource extraction methodologies. All are available thru Bandcamp and many other merchants in lieu of Nootka Sounds’ recent agreement with AWAL.

His core instrument is a series of signal feedback options sourced from recordings or, preferably, live musicians and mixed through a few select devices. Live by Ableton is his chief DAW (digital audio workstation); with this software Wolf~Loup designs mixers using tools by developers like u-he, Lexicon, 2caudio, FabFilter, and Flux, and mixes using an Allen & Heath Xone 92 DJ mixer along with a variety of tactile midi interfaces, such as the CS X51 and the ever reliable UC-33. which served as master controller for the first Nootka Sounds Music Festival. He also enjoys playing his Moog.

Wolf~Loup’s style is evolving. By situating himself in Tahsis, his musical language has expanded far beyond the confines of concrete structures that house the sorts of events that first opened his body to understanding music as physical motion (and the physiological implications thereof). As such, he now mixes, produces, and actively plays with a diverse group of talented musicians ranging from jazz, rock, folk, metal, ambient, and whatever style anyone brings to the table — he oversees the sound of virtually all Nootka Sounds releases and events. Perhaps most entertaining of all are the open-mic live music events Nootka Sounds have been putting out last few years — the spontaneity and honesty of such happenings result in, if not devastation, the most sublime of moments. A dramatist. Watch your back.

Check out some of his most recent posts above.
Check below for his most recent album release.

Art Attack DJ Set – And So Sways The Snow

At the recent event Art Attack, Wolf~Loup performed a set worth repeating.
Please view this tracklist and stream just below here.

Cave Rave DJ Set

Wolf~Loup also plays an annual long-form DJ set for a tight, otherwise quiet community. Please view the video below to stream his 2016 performance.

Recordings of live performances also available upon request.

Wolf~Loup has performed in over 50 public events and has been responsible for the creation of over a dozen public events. With respect to the underground nature of such things, a complete resume is available by request only.

Photos courtesy of & Meaghan Ogilvie