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Too Wicked

Too Wicked


Made in Canada, born an raised in British Columbia, Too Wicked grew up in the scene living and loving the music since he could walk. He started mixing 10 years ago by spinning vinyl at random house parties and small outdoor events. A few years later with over 500 parties under his belt with experience in all styles of bass heavy music he has made a name as a renegade DJ.


Too Wicked’s music comes from years of collecting old UK garage and new styles of Bassline, Fidget, Mid Tempo, Dubstep, Drumstep, Jungle, Hip Hop, Progressive, Tech House, and much more.

These styles of music are his way of life, 100% originality made up after years of practice every day jumping genre and sampling every few tracks and never break a sweat hitting all the drops styling the cuts and riding the breaks. This music will get every man woman and child to the dance floor with a taste for more.

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