Nootka Sounds

a place unusual
in the ordinary now
as past & present


We are an unusual collective of musicians and artists based in Tahsis, British Columbia, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

We create music and throw curious events for this place and space, to accommodate these unusual times.

Our foundation is built out of exploitative music & the structures we create reflects a desire for working together in this small world — for survival.






Sierra Jannise

Leaf McClary

Too Wicked

Social Norm

Susan Biggs

Drag in

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NSU001 – Leaf McClary – Collage Of Sounds

Nootka Sounds is very pleased to present a most unusual album. We met Leaf McClary when he came to work in Tahsis. A most curious creature creates in this album a strong, distinct, funny, tragic, moving narrative covering a range of recognizable malaise in a concise, direct, confrontational mode. We truly love this album here.

USB drives are sold out!. More info on our site here.

NSL002 – houbie54 – Anti World / Wolf~Loup – Bois Mort

Nootka Sounds presents their first split album, a collaboration between two artists separated by distance but not by sound.
How close all these generations are to each other.
Available at Bandcamp and other distributors.
More info on our site here.

NSD002 – Wolf~Loup – Surfing On Sine Waves

Nootka Sounds presents Wolf~Loup’s debut album. Now available at bandcamp.
More info here.

NSL001 – Wolf~Loup & Friends – Anti

Wolf~Loup has compiled a collection of recordings conducted at the Nootka Sounds laboratory and composed a mix.
We here at Nootka Sounds hope this release shows to you some different ways we like to explore sound here, in all its physical power.
We hope you enjoy NSL001 — it’s been surreal putting this album together!

NSD001 Is Released

Release is now.

Available now at Bandcamp.
Thanks for your support.

This website was first published January 2017

If you would like to know what this label is about, please consult the mission statement.

We also offer a variety of free services for Tahsis residents (and guests, too!)

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Thank you for visiting this page. Please come to Tahsis someday to check us out! To enjoy the silence.