The Fall Of The Wolf

Nootka Sounds Festival happened August 25-27th.
Almost no record was kept, with intent — sacred moments for the sacred spaces in time.
The cold has since started sweeping across Nootka Sound as the fall is.
We have 4 releases upcoming. Production continues.
Our third annual Halloween Concert in Tahsis will proceed.


NSL001 – Wolf~Loup & Friends – Anti

Wolf~Loup has compiled a collection of recordings conducted at the Nootka Sounds laboratory and composed a mix.
We here at Nootka Sounds hope this release shows to you some different ways we like to explore sound here, in all its physical prowess.
We hope you enjoy NSL001 — it’s been surreal putting this album together!


Nootka Sounds at The Ridge

We are all happy with how the gig in Gold River at The Ridge turned out.
Thanks to everyone who participated.
Stream below for the highlights:


Announcement regarding NSD001 Release

Release is now.

Currently a bandcamp exclusive, though feel free to observe the music below.
Thanks for your support.


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